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CuddleandKind. We were all born to shine bright, be courageous, and do amazing things


Our goal:
to provide one million
meals a year.

We believe all children should have enough to eat and the opportunity to thrive. We want to make a difference in as many children's lives as possible, so we've set a lofty goal of giving one million meals a year. We think its possible with your help.

By sharing our giving story with your family and friends, it helps us get the word out and reach other like-minded people.

If you want to help us make the world a better place for children, please choose from the content below and share with your friends, family and followers. Please use the hashtag #cuddleandkind so we see them, and #onemillionmeals to inspire others to help us reach our goal.

Also, please upload a photo of your little one to our giving gallery as one of the big-hearted people who've helped feed children in need.

CuddleandKind. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney Walt Disney
CuddleandKind. Baby tucked in with Everest
CuddleandKind. Toddler in winter clothing with Chelsea, Everest, and Willow


CuddleandKind. March for Meals infographic

High Park #marchformeals

Over 50 moms and children participated in our first annual #marchformeals event in High Park.

It was great to meet all of you and make a difference in children's lives together.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and will take part again next year!

Irma Coulson Public School #marchformeals

We were honoured that Ethan and Brooke's public school, Irma Coulson P.S., participated in #marchformeals! Over 1000 students walked the school field with music playing. We were really impressed with the students; they were engaged, passionate and asked great questions about how we give and where we give. The best part was seeing Ethan lead the walk and then answer questions from his classmates afterwards. Inspiring the next generation is a thrilling feeling.

A world of thanks for posting photos of you and your little ones walking, toddling, running and marching for meals. We raised awareness for childhood hunger and came a little bit closer to achieving our goal of zero hunger for all children.

Thank you for joining our movement for change and helping us make the world a better place for children. We hope even more people will be a part of #marchformeals 2016 so we can make an even larger impact on childhood hunger.

If you and your little one are interested in participating in 2016, please enter your email address so we can keep you informed!

School events:

If you are an educator and would like your school to be involved in #marchformeals 2016, please email us - we will provide one meal for every participating student in your school!

"How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it."

George Elliston

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